About us

No masses of people, just small-scale and informal.
Not a quick bite, but rather enjoying a good dinner.
No crowds, but instead a crackling wood fire and cosiness.
The Hotel Esprit Montagne means… time for yourself and time for each other.

The Team

Without the sparking team, the atmosphere and the experience in Esprit Montagne wouldn’t be the same as it has already been experienced by many guests now: friendely, personal and hospitable. A brief introduction to the ‘set’ values of the hotel is therefore in order.


The Hotel Esprit Montagne is no ordinary hotel. It is a dream of someone that wants to share his passion for the mountains with his guests.


Trail Team Esprit Montagne

Since 2014, we have sponsored a number of promising Dutch athletes that can run very fast in the mountains. By coming to train here, they are able to prepare for the races in the mountains.



From time to time, we present news items here about the hotel, promotions and discounts, the area, our guests and the things that we experience here at the Hotel Esprit Montagne.