Vacation is meant to be enjoyed, to rest up after a lot of hard work, to take a break from it all for a little while. That is why the wellness of the body and soul of our guests is very important to us.

Which is why we offer:

  • Sauna with essential oils
  • Massages
  • Guest soap and shampoos based on natural products
  • Hot water bottle and cherry pit cushions
  • Bathrobe and slippers
  • Library with inspiring books and DVDs
  • Yoga: matts, sticks and meditation cushions


In the basement, you will find our 4-person sauna with fully renovated shower. To promote relaxation, we use essential sauna oils that have a beneficial effect, such as honey, rosemary, pine needles, eucalyptus or lavender. Sauna towels are available in the sauna room.

After the sauna, you can take a cold shower. Between the sauna sessions, you can relax in the recliners and Big Berthas in the downstairs lounge.


There is nothing as soothing for tired and tense muscles as a soothing massage. Massages can be reserved in the afternoon or evening. We offer the following options:

  • relax or sport massage – 45 minutes: €50
  • relax or sport massage – 60 minutes: €60

Our masseuses use coconut fat or Arnica massage oil, a warming and relaxing oil that keeps the muscles healthy, softens sensitive muscles and relaxes stiff and rigid muscles.

Bath robes

Would you like a bath robe and is this not included in the hotel package? If so, you can order a bath robe at reception for just €15 per week. Or, if you are only here for a few days, for €5 per day.

Cherry pit cushion and hot water bottle

Are you experiencing cramps or cold feet? If so, let us heat up the cherry pit cushion for you. Centuries ago, a Swiss farmer was already experimenting with the leftover cherry pits from the summer. She popped them in her oven and found that they retained the heat for quite some time. The farmer sewed covers for her whole family to get through the long winter nights and the cherry pit bag soon grew to become an item for everyday use.

We heat the cherry pit bag a bit more quickly – namely, in the microwave. We also have hot water bottles available for you.


We make yoga mats, sticks ad meditation cushions available at no charge.