Of course, photos and video clips say much more than the nice words that we can write, which is why we have collected the photos and videos that we take here, so that you know what it’s like to spend a week in Esprit Montagne. Word of mouth is always the best advertising, which is why we also provide an overview of what our guests thought of their stay here.

And would you like to know what it looks like right now on the slopes and alpine meadows? Check our favorite webcams.


We also take many photos ourselves of the surrounding area, the various sports that you can partake in here, the hotel and the food. But guests also sometimes send us their lovely memories of their vacation.


Legit powder snow downhills, a beautifully sunny day on the slope, running through the mountains, a lovely MTB trip or a slowly setting sun. It is always enjoyment right from the start.


You can check the current weather and snow conditions on this page with a number of beautiful webcams in Portes du Soleil. Enjoy viewing the lovely images.

A word from our guests

It should be clear that we think the Hotel Esprit Montagne is a fantastic place. But why listen to us when you can read what our guests have to say about us?