After 11 years, 21 seasons, thousands of dinners, many hours of hard work, creating the most beautiful, delicious and surprising dishes, the time has come for Raf to work elsewhere. Now that his ex-wife has moved back to Belgium with a child, he misses his daughter too much not to see her for months on end. He has found a new challenge at De Kop van ‘t Land in Dordrecht, 100% vegetarian and gastronomic food in an attractive restaurant on the Biesbosch.


As a creative spirit in the kitchen and one of the pillars of the hotel, we will miss Raf very much. Thanks in part to his creative works of art on the plate, the hotel has become what it is today, a thriving company where many guests return to enjoy the food, service and atmosphere that we all provide. Raf, a ‘très grand merci’ for that!


Fortunately, the quality and creativity of our kitchen is guaranteed with the arrival of Adi Jeng. This cheerful Belgian will ensure that you are still surprised by the delicious and beautifully presented food. After having worked in a number of very renowned kitchens, he has now found the challenge here to continue Raf’s way of cooking and of course to add his own accents.


Raf & Adi understand each other well and together they cook the stars of the mountains. They inspire each other to new dishes and have the greatest fun in the kitchen. The week from 5 to 12 September will be the last week that Raf leads the kitchen here and they will therefore make it a very culinary week with beautiful new dishes and of course Esprit Montagne classics such as the Pavlova.


If you want to enjoy the special food again, come along in that week from 5 to 12 September 2020, we still have rooms available!


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Some dishes from Chef Raf Meuris captured on video