As a result of the Corona crisis, the French government has drawn up regulations and we have introduced the following measures for our hotel to ensure that our guests have a great holiday:

  • In the entrance hall and at the restaurant we provide disinfectant gel with which you should wash your hands upon entering
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory on the way to the restaurant, as well as during trips in the restaurant. As soon as you sit at the table, the masks can be removed
  • At the reception there is a plexiglass screen as extra protection
  • We will ask you to provide your data digitally in advance as much as possible so that this no longer has to be done at check-in
  • The frequency and method of cleaning your room is by mutual agreement
  • During the day we will perform extra cleaning work on frequently used contact points such as doors, toilets, door handles, stair railings, etc.
  • If you have a room here, we ask that you always use the toilet in your room and not the communal toilets
  • Guests from outside who just eat here can use the communal toilets
  • During the breakfast buffet we will assist you as much as possible and offer you everything so that as few guests as possible actually touch something of the buffet
  • If necessary, we will extend breakfast times and indicate the time allowed for breakfast. This is to spread the guests more at the buffet and in the restaurant
  • The tables in the restaurant are placed extra far apart (the minimum requirement is 1 meter) to keep a good distance during breakfast and dinner. As a result, when the hotel is fully occupied, we may divide dinner into two shifts. You will be informed about this upon arrival. Groups may not sit at a table with more than 10 people
  • There will be no menus on the tables. As you have come to expect from us, we will hang up the menu in front of the reception in the morning and explain it once more at the table. We will also explain all drinks and wine suggestions at the table
  • There will be no information book in your room, of course we will provide you verbally with all practical information about the ins and outs of the hotel and we can advise you on beautiful walks, beautiful bike rides or a fun day out
  • We ask you to comply with the 1-meter distance rule and to deal wisely by giving space to passing guests – especially in corridors and on the stairs – but also in the restaurant, common areas and in the garden
  • All personnel will be trained to comply with all imposed and in our opinion necessary hygiene measures
  • Guests are not allowed to enter staff workspaces such as linen rooms, kitchen, reception and kitchen balcony
  • The sauna is closed, massages cannot be booked and the billiard cannot be used
  • We have taken appropriate measures regarding the supply of clean linen and the collection of dirty linen


These measures can be adapted according to the situation with regard to the Corona virus and the associated recommendations and restrictions from the government.